We’ve built a SDK that frees developers’ creativity and innovative talent in emerging countries, allowing to create apps working anywhere, proposing local and relevant content. Let’s change the game together today.


Next4Billion is capable of providing mobile internet services working everywhere there is a phone signal (even 2G-SMS), reaching the 4B untapped users in emerging countries not covered and/or unbanked. Our technology, combined with your talent, can create opportunities of growth and development for all.


Next4Billion puts at your disposal its proprietary patented cloud-based compression technology. A free access to our Software Development Kit (SDK) allowing you and every developer to adapt or create apps using up to 5 times less bandwidth than standard apps and working on any deployed network.

«Next4Billion is more than a performant technology able to work under any connectivity situation. Thanks to it developers in emerging countries can really contribute to empower their community»

Mohammed Abuiriban, Android developer from the West Bank (Gaza)

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